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those magic flares are really dangerous...

while i'm thinking about it, allow me to post one of my own double takes:

Self,  the airplanes your company makes do not have magic indicators in the cockpit.  They have magnetic indicators in the cockpit.... even if the magic indicators would have been more awesome!

I'm pretty sure it's not legal for schoolkids to be put in detonation.

Go, Tsunade! XD

 Just a quickie, while trying to catch up on my manga reading online. Details behind cut.

Cool story, bro-Naruto recap+meat of postCollapse )

'goes off giggling' Hope you enjoyed.


they have a group for that?!

I'm in the Society for the Creative Anachronism, a re-enactment group that focuses on the Middle Ages, and have just moved to a new area, with new group names to learn.  As I was scrolling through the yahoo groups looking for the right mailing lists to sign up for, I swear I read:


Wait, what?!  When I scrolled back up to check, of course it really read:

'arenalrapiers' - a much less fetishistic group which is actually focused on fencing in a local group called 'Arenal'.

sheesh, self!


Stress+Lack of Breakfast=this post

 ......yeah, pretty much exactly that. I won't bore you with the details of where the stress came from. [But here, enjoy some Sharly. 'points at icon' <3]

Hooray for things that don't go together!Collapse )
 'is so tempted to insert an 'I can't believe it's not butter!' joke here. How old is that, seriously?

And happy belated New Years, too! Okay, first post. Hope it amuses. [I've always wanted to share these. :) ]

Cut just in caseCollapse )

Dec. 2nd, 2010

Apparently even the BBC sound library is not immune to the problems of mis-hearing.

For the link-phobic:

"In 1944, King Haakon - leader of the exiled Norwegian government in London during the Nazi occupation of Norway - delivered a rousing wartime address to his beleagured people on the BBC World Service. As His Royal Highness was running forty seconds short, producers requested a fanfare from the studio library to round things off...

As Haakon made his final solemn remarks and laid down his script, the air came alive with carnival sounds and cockneys shouting, "Roll up, roll up ladies and gentlemen!" In lieu of a fanfare, the library had mistakenly sent a funfair.

[It was, the king conceded, "the sort of thing that happens."]"

A small and cutesy group

From a Facebook group profile: "Student Groups - Clubs & Societies"

What I misread it as: "Student Groups - Chibi & Societies"

To be fair, it was a college anime club...

How Mcdonald's REALLY makes money

My brother's actually the one who misread this...


"Mcdonald's sex posed? What, is that a site where they have naked clowns?"