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repeat_that_plz's Journal

Say That Again Over?
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When you've mis-heard or mis-read the perfectly innocent, post it here!
This community was spawned from a few comments on our sister community, lol_typo. Basically, people have been posting things they've mis-heard or mis-read that weren't actual typos. That's not really the comm for it, but there didn't seem to be a more appropriate one available, so Badger and I decided to make one.

So, welcome to the community where you can post all those moments where you just had to have a double-take to make sure they really didn't say what you think they said!

*Serves out tea and cookies.*


1) OPs must have both the correct version of whatever it was, as well as the version you heard or read. The following example is from the lol_typo post that spawned the discussion leading to this community:

Signs says "Free Battery Test"
I read "Free Battery Taste"

Banner says "Popcorn Chicken"
I see "Popcorn Children"

Billboard says "More Bars in More Places"
I take it as "More Bears in More Places"

Post says "Welcome to Malaga Cove"
I see "Welcome to Malaria Cove"

Truck says "We're All One Blood"
I see it says "We're All One Food"

-faerydragonet, in lol_typo

2) You must use lj-cuts in the OP if:

a) the post includes pictures, even small ones.

b) the post includes Not Safe For Work elements, and the lj-cut text must
include 'NSFW'.

This is common sense, but it occurs to me that if I don't say it, someone will forget these courtesies and then argue about it. We're just going to nip those in the bud right here. For info on how to LJ-cut, head here.

3) Don't comment on the author or the OP-er. Comments regarding WTF-ery levels are allowed. So are bad puns, horrible one-liners, and risque adlibs from the peanut gallery.

4) If your comment response includes a macro, I'd prefer it if you post a link rather than the pic itself. Some people are still on dial-up. Threads that devolve into macro 'conversations' seriously slow download time. The exception to this is when one of the Mods puts up the "Macros away!" tag.

5) Do NOT delete your own posts and/or comments UNLESS you have explicit Moderator approval. We're all grown-ups here, we shouldn't need to delete anything because we're embarrassed or don't like the response we get. If you feel a post or comment has been made in error or isn't 'kosher' let one of us know and we'll consider the request for deletion.

6) There is no Rule 6

7)Cross-posting (within reason, ie- from a personal journal) or posting something from another comm is 100% fine, say you read something wrong on fanficrants or something like that. Bring it here and share!

8) Please tag. Forgetting to tag is not a bannable offense, but please don't make work for the mods! If you have a question on what a tag means, or would like us to add a new one, please don't hesitate to ask. We're awesome like that ;)

Hopefully, I and/or other mods won't have to post more rules. Have fun. :-)

-bs, creator of the world comm and Badger, co-mod and happy-dancer!

NB: It has come to our attention that it may not be immediately obvious how to post to the comm. The comm is set to allow all members to post, and to allow anyone to become a member without screening. This means that in order to post the process is as follows:

1) Join this community as a member.
2) Go to the profile page (this page) for repeat_that_plz.
3) Click on the link that says 'Post an Entry', type up your post, and click the 'Submit' button when you're satisfied. (Don't forget to tag it!)
4) Don't take this as an invitation to be an ass. The ban-hammer exists for a reason, but we prefer not to use it.


Any questions/concerns? PM one of the mods.